Providing an avenue for others helping others

helping businesses affected by COVID-19

It’s no secret that today’s businesses, both small and large are suffering from the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. No industry is spared, no corporation is immune, and no small business can bring in the same level of profit that it might have drawn prior to the outbreak. However, many of these businesses are still doing everything they can to push on.

Restaurants are offering takeout and delivery only options, other businesses have closed up shop, but made their products available on the web. And of course, many others have simply been forced to close their doors because they’ve been deemed “non-essential.”

Here at We Survived COVID-19, our goal is to ensure that we can all play our part to lend a helping hand to those businesses and to their employees.

Who We Are?

We’re a organization specifically designed to encourage businesses to become willful participants in everything that we have to offer. We sell promotional hats, shirts, and bags with the We Survived COVID-19 logo, with proceeds going directly to our participating businesses. 

For Businesses

Become a participating business with us. Once you’ve registered, you can send out a mass email to all of your customers encouraging them to visit our website. When they arrive, they’ll land directly in our store, where they can purchase any of the products that we have available. From there, the money goes directly to your business or to various other COVID-19 charities and donation organizations to ensure that the money is well-spent.

For Customers

Pay a visit to our shop through the link provided by some of your favorite businesses. From there, purchase a hat, a shirt, or a bag and play your part in helping out these businesses and their employees during this unprecedented time.

For Future

When all of this is over, we encourage companies to host exclusive customer events whereby they offer special access and deals to their customers whom supported them through these trying times by wearing the supporting products.