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We Survived COVID-19 is Bringing Consumers, Businesses, and Communities Together

April 24, 2020: We Survived COVID-19, a new kind of promotional platform that is designed to bring both businesses and consumers together during the coronavirus pandemic and mandated social distancing, this week announced their platform is officially live and available for perusing.

Helping our communities now is time sensitive. Contact us for any media interviews or opportunities at: https://wesurvivedcovid-19.world

By providing promotional hats, and shirts, which will be sold via the companies that participate and sign up with the program, We Survived COVIID-19 will enable customers to select and place orders.

“It’s no secret our nation is enduring one of the most challenging times of the last 100-years as businesses everywhere shut down to help our healthcare workers flatten the curve,” said Bill Battaglia, Founder and Owner of We Survived COVID-19. “Although retail businesses are taking a huge hit, we still have the internet at our disposal. That’s what inspired us to launch our platform today.”

Participating companies will have the option of sending out emails to their customers with a link embedded to the We Survived COVID-19 site, providing them with a unique user ID. With this ID, when the customer fills out their request, the benefits will go to the participating company to help with the dispersion of money and awareness during these hard times.

Customers will also have the option to pre-purchase products at wholesale, selling it directly at their place as needed.

“When all of this is over, we encourage companies to host exclusive customer events whereby they offer special access and deals to their customers who supported them through these trying times by wearing the supporting products,” said Battaglia. “At the same time, along with providing benefits to participating companies, we will also provide profits to charity organizations that are working to support every community through the pandemic.”

We Survived COVID-19 will provide businesses with the options to place logos on the hats; logos on the front, front and back, back, etc. of shirts; logos on the bags; and logos on bulk orders of products that can include any packaged variety. The company is also working on developing cartoons and personalized graphics for the product orders placed by businesses.

“We are doing this for the American people,” said Battaglia. “Together, we will emerge victorious. Help us spread the word today.”

Customization options are available for all participating businesses. For more information, visit: https://wesurvivedcovid-19.world.