Make Money For You, While Making a Difference For Them

How It Works

Become a participating business with us! Once you’ve registered, you can send out a mass email to all of your customers encouraging them to visit our website and your store portal.

When they arrive, they’ll land directly in our store, where they can purchase any of the promotional materials that we have available.

From there, the money goes directly to your business or to various other COVID-19 charities and donation organizations to ensure that the money is well-spent on helping your business or helping people all around the world.

Growing Your Business Today & For The Future

Along with your promotional materials, We Survived COVID-19 is also planning to help business host exciting and engaging events specifically designed to boost customer engagement once the pandemic subsides.

Once we’re able to move past COVID-19, we’ll encourage all of our participating businesses to host their very own exclusive customer events. From there, businesses can offer special access and exciting business promotions and deals to the customers who supported them during these trying times.

Who We Are

We Survived COVID-19 is a donation organization specifically designed to encourage businesses to become willful participants in the fight against COVID-19.

We create exciting promotional materials like promotional hats, shirts, and bags that say the words loud and clear, “We Survived COVID-19.”
Through our exciting line of promotional materials, you can state it to the world that your business survived COVID-19, and it was all thanks to your customers.

It’s Time To Pay It Forward

With We Survived COVID-19, nothing is more important to us than ensuring that our participating businesses pay it forward to the customers that supported them during this difficult and unprecedented time. Through our wide range of promotional materials that your customers will be proud to purchase, along with our exclusive events, you can boost your customer engagement higher than ever before and pay it all back.

You’ll come back in better shape than ever before. With more customer engagement, with more buzz, and with a farther reach, you can take your business to the next level through everything that we have to offer.

And once this is all over, you can stand tall with your customers and say, “We Survived COVID-19.”

Become A Participating Business Today

If you’re ready to get the much-needed assistance that you need, it’s time to join us as a participating business today. Together with our promotional materials, you can buy into a growing community of loyal customers who want to help their favorite businesses succeed in their time of need.

It’s time to work together with your customers for the greater good of the world. Become a participating business with us today by clicking on the link down below and filling out the provided form.

In no time at all, you’ll be well on your way to surviving COVID-19.