Supporting Your Favorite Businesses In Their Time of Need

Let’s face it – no one is immune to the effects of COVID-19. As people, we’re shuttered in our homes, we’re forbidden from going out to non-essential stores, and we’re not even able to enjoy our favorite restaurants outside of delivery or take-out options. And while this is certainly changing our lives drastically, it’s not impacting us nearly as much as it is our favorite businesses and brands.

The United States economy is built on the success of private businesses and people like you. And during the time of COVID-19, these businesses need your help. At We Survived COVID-19, we’re providing businesses and loyal customers with a line of connection to ensure that they can support each other during these trying times.

So, if your favorite brands and businesses have struggled during COVID-19, now is your chance to play a small part in giving them the support that they need to return stronger than ever before. And trust us, they’ll pay you back too!

Together, you can say, “We Survived COVID-19.”

Who We Are

We Survived COVID-19 is a donation organization specifically designed to encourage businesses and customers to become willful participants in the fight against COVID-19. We create exciting promotional materials like promotional hats, shirts, and bags that say the words loud and clear, “We Survived COVID-19.” From there, customers just like you can purchase these materials

And with every purchase, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve supported a business in need.

How It Works

When one of your favorite businesses signs up with us, they’ll send out a mass email to all of their customers linking them directly to their store portal on We Survived COVID-19. From there, you can browse through their promotional hats, promotional shirts, and promotional bags to find a product that works best for you.

From there, the proceeds from your purchase go to benefit your favorite brands and businesses and to other COVID-19 charities.

Added Benefits For Customers!

At We Survived COVID-19, we’re focused on today, but we’ve also got our eyes on the future. We know that once the pandemic subsides, our participating businesses are going to be standing at the ready to come back with a bang.

We work with our participating businesses to pan exclusive customer events specifically designed for the customers who supported them during their time of need. And once you make a purchase with us, you’ll be invited!

These events offer everything from special deals and promotions that you can take advantage of once things get back to normal. And you’ll certainly want to be on the guest list.

Shop Today!

If you’re ready to support your favorite brands and businesses during COVID-19, then it’s time to visit our shop and browse through our participating businesses. Make your first purchase and continue to check your email for new participating businesses.

It’s time to lend our favorite brands a hand!